COVID-19 Response Education

In light of the present COVID-19 outbreak, Preventum has developed a Rapid Response Education Program to inform frontline staff in your city, state, country, or organization about infection mitigation to help arrest the spread of COVID-19 in local populations.

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The Preventum group

Our portfolio of organizations focuses on solving some of the most complex problems facing the world today.  From healthcare education and large-scale social change to utilizing blockchain for good and research specific software tools, the Preventum group is on a mission to change the trajectory of humanity for the better.

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Our organizations

technology platform

Preventum is a software platform that uses the latest and most powerful technology to enable change-makers to build, launch and report on large scale social change.

Non-profit 501(c)(3)

Preventum Initiative

The Preventum Initiative strives to improve health outcomes and save lives by bringing together researchers and technologists to find innovative and effective solutions to address large-scale public health challenges.

first national campaign


Unlike the “just say no” campaigns in the past, FEND encourages youth to engage in their health in a whole new way — through their smartphones. Using the unique combination of evidence-based research, world-first technology, a cutting-edge streetwaear brand, and musicians from different genres, the FEND movement speaks directly to young people in a language they understand.

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